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Hi, I'm Vanessa

My goal is to help you create a conscious connection to yourself. A Yoga practice will increase your body awareness and self-confidence as well as bringing balance into your life and reduce stress.  

I would like to accompany you on your way through my classes, in which I lay great  focus on a healthy orientation and a demanding practice. The classes are characterized by flowing movements and creative sequences accompanied by modern music.

About me

I originally come from the wonderful Palatinate Forest  and moved to Nuremberg in 2017 for my job in the fashion industry. Although I have always played sports, it was only there that I discovered my passion for special sports. First I started climbing and then road cycling. Two sports that are quite demanding on certain areas of the body. For example, shoulder girdle and arm muscles when climbing as well as hamstrings and hips when cycling, which can lead to poor posture and tension. An intensive and functional yoga practice helps me to align myself healthily and to improve my posture.  ​

I had my first yoga experience in 2016 and quickly knew that the idea and essence of yoga would enrich my life. For me, yoga is not just a sport, but a key to well-being, patience, acceptance and a deep connection to myself.  

After getting to know a few teachers and styles, I found Inside Yoga in 2018, a style that I was so excited about that I quickly started attending several classes a week, ultimately deciding that I should continue my knowledge and practice want to deepen even further in an teacher training..  

My trainings:


200h training, Inside Yoga Frankfurt*


50h Inside Flow, Ananya Yoga, Vienna*

30h Vinyasa Immersion, Space Yoga Nuremberg

100h personal training, Inside Yoga Frankfurt*

*AYA certified

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