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Vanessa Friedrich Yoga, Vanessa practicing Upward Facing Dog

Personal Training

Personal training focuses specifically on your goals and needs.  Every session is tailored to you. You want to

  • your practice deepen and improve

  • start your practice

  • practice complex asanas and learn the methods of practice

  • relieve pain and tension

  • correct your alignment in certain postures?

Then arrange a free, 15-minute conversation with me to discuss your goals and needs.

If you live in Pirmasens and surroundings and have sufficient space, the PT can take place at your place. In Lemberg I have a room Personal Trainings.

PT single ticket: 100€* |  PT 3er  Card: 285€*

PT 5 card: €465* | PT 10 card: 890€*

*online PT are discounted by 10%.

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